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Nothing beats the simple, homely accompaniment to a meal like mint jelly (excellent with lamb) or apple sauce (wonderful with pork) and the ever popular potatoes and gravy or just gravy by itself.  Perfect condiments for hot meals or to have with salad meats.

Garlic bread and soup are an unbeatable combination, especially during winter. 
Perfect for lunch or a light dinner.  Make sure to leave just enough room to finish off with some lolly cake or chocolate mudslide and a drink.  Or save the sweets for a snack.

  Chocolate Fudge cake $4.00
  Lolly cake$3.00
  Orange Juice$6.00
   1.5 Coke, Fanta, Diet Coke
   Sprite, Coke, Zero

  Soup of the day
  Garlic bread
  Mint Jelly
  Apple Sauce
  Potato and gravy$4.00
   Large gravy$3.00
   Small gravy$2.00